feelz are evil. have some.

...and then it all went to hell.

 photo tumblr_m8cgakJNXW1r931q6_zps35d84ea4.gif  photo tumblr_mggs9k6Bt01qd7fj9o1_250_zps2e6bc79e.gif Hey I'm V. I'm a cosplayer, artist, RPer, and all around psycho. If you want to ask me something just use the tab below. I do take commissions which you can find the info for on my Deviant Art page and I do sell my work in prints in my online store. The links are below. Thanks for all the follows and reblogs!

Upcoming conventions -
Kollision Con - Nov. 15th-17th

Small ship list-
Sebastian Moran x James Moriarty
MorMor (aka the Murder Husbands)
Science Husbands
Kirk x Spock

Just a small pic of my Sebastian Moran cosplay at ACEN.  I was taking pics with my Moriarty when my table mates were like “OMG TURN AROUND SEB IT’S A DAMN TIGER!!!!” Then this happened.  Best moment of my inner Basher’s con. XD  Thanks to the tiger that keeps our floor warm now.  Jim gets cold after all.

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